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Diosa de la Tierra - 6/15/2018

Starring Pixel Ginger

The warm colors left me with Native-inspired visions. I felt like a Goddess of the Earth when Irene Silver snapped this set of me during our shoot last year.

Minnie Mouse - 6/13/2018

Starring Pixel Ginger

I love dressing up in different costumes, especially anything Disney-related. Minnie Mouse is a definite fave, as she was based off of a flapper, with her little frilly panties always showing, so I decided to do a cute little school-Minnie theme here. I love her charming and sweet character, and really enjoyed embodying her personality in this set! Childhood ruined--enjoy!!

Jackie Gets Compressed - 6/11/2018


Check out my day at the dungeon with Miss Jackie Jupiter! She's such a gorgeous captive!

Shadows - 6/8/2018

Starring Pixel Ginger

Flashback Friday! Playing with the tungsten glow, and the harsh shadows that it casts. I decided to keep the lamp in each shot rather than cropping the image to maintain its rawness

Petrified Forest - 6/6/2018

Starring Pixel Ginger

I love the way the clouds swirl all around in this video, taken behind the scenes at Petrified Forest National Park! Side note: I almost was caught by the park ranger lol!!